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Full Version: Replace address for connecting to the UT2004 master server
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As you probably know, Epic turned off online services for -among other games axed- Unreal Tournament 2004 on the 24th of January, after announcing the closure on the 14th of December.

Epic UT2004 removal announcement

This means that the default server browser does not work anymore with a default ut2004 installation.

To join a server, you should either replace the address of the master server present on the UT2004.ini file, or have Qtracker installed on your Windows PC and use the Servers List links to connect straight in without the need for server browser.

Technically you can also add servers manually by adding their individual IP addresses to the favorites list, but it is not a very practical option.

Steps to replace the now unusable master server Epic address(es) for the new OpenSpy one that will give you a working server browser again:

1) Browse to the game System directory, it could be C:\Program Files\Atari\UT2004\System , or C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Unreal Tournament 2004\System , or C:\Program Files (x86)\\Unreal Tournament 2004\System and open the game configuration UT2004.ini file.

2) Search for the [IpDriv.MasterServerLink] block and replace the existing master servers with OpenSpy.

You will find (use Ctrl + F to quick search) a block similar to the following:




Update your configuration to use the OpenSpy master servers and save the file.



3) Test the browser, if you find any issues post them here, will gladly help.

In UT2k games, the master server entries are used for load balancing, so if the master servers are not in sync, it will provide conflicting results, making server lists alternate between master servers. Due to this its recommended to only use 1 master server at a time.

And, from here, eternal respect to the OpenSpy team! Applaud They saved Epic the millions of $ they were spending in maintaining the rickety infrastructure for keeping alive some classic games...Rolleyes
So what happens with UTAN now? How do aimbotters get banned?
(20.04.2023 02:59 UTC)ropharma61 Wrote: [ -> ]So what happens with UTAN now? How do aimbotters get banned?

There is this relatively new project, Llama Punter Network...I'm looking forward to implement it on our server soon:

Quote:Llama Punter is a ban management and analytics system for Unreal Tournament 2004. This project was started when UTAN was being shut down. Llama Punter was designed to take over where UTAN left off. We built the same core features and then added on top of it with other innovating features. You can manage all your bans in one central location. You can also learn more about a player and other names they have used. The whole system is built to keep people honest.

Llama Punter Network
Oh Epic what have you done...No way
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