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HLstatsX in-game commands
03.10.2022, 11:31 UTC (This post was last modified: 04.10.2022 12:52 UTC by Cuchillo_Baishan.)
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HLstatsX in-game commands
For those who haven’t been on the Source servers recently, HLstatsX is fully working. If you want to check you stats in-game all you have to do is type one the following commands in the chat system (press the [y] key) and various stats will be display for you.

Available Ingame Commands

• hlx_menu = HLstatsX Ingame Menu
• rank [skill, points, place (to all)] = Current position
• kpd [kdratio, kdeath (to all)] = Total player statistics
• session [session_data (to all)] = Current session statistics
• next = Players ahead in the ranking.
• hlx_auto clear|start|end|kill command = Auto-Command on specific event (on death, roundstart, roundend)
• hlx_display 0|1 = Enable or disable displaying console events.
• hlx_chat 0|1 = Enable or disable the displaying of global chat events (if enabled).
• load = Statistics from all servers
• status = Current server status
• servers = List of all participating servers
• top20 [top5, top10] = Top-Players
• clans = Clan ranking
• cheaters = Banned players from Valve-Anti-Cheat
• statsme = Statistic summary
• weapons [weapon] = Weapons usage
• accuracy = Weapons accuracy
• targets [target] = Targets hit positions
• kills [kill, player_kills] = Kill statistics (5 or more kills)
• actions [action] = Server actions summary
• help [cmd, cmds, commands] = Help screen

-Note 1: The commands in brackets are the optional ones, except for public commands.
-Note 2: If all commands are available depends on the configuration of our HLstatsX account, most of them if not all of them should work, though.

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