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Mod of the Year
29.12.2022, 10:45 UTC
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Trophy Mod of the Year
Yesterday the 28 of December, Entropy: Zero 2, a Half-Life 2: Episode Two Mod, was voted and awarded Mod of the Year by the Mod DB community.

[Image: moty.png]

Quote:We want to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to everyone who voted for us, to those who have stuck with us throughout the years, to our donators, contributors, streamers and our players. We value all of you greatly. What a ride it has been and what a way to end the year.

I also want to (again) personally thank the EZ2 team. Since release, the Boys have been hard at work putting together patches and updates for EZ2. This work has mostly been handled in my absence as I have been tied up with work commitments. A massive thank you to you guys!

We have a few things we would like to share with you, in light of this award.

Bad Cop is back. Command a small army of Combine synths and soldiers on a Northern campaign to capture Dr. Judith Mossman. A modification for Half-Life 2.

I highly recommend it, a few patches have been published since the first August release, and now (1.2) it runs very smooth with lots of bugs ironed out.

Enjoy the seemingly eternal life of Half-Life 2! Celebration

Genocide Watch GameSurge
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03.03.2023, 10:57 UTC
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RE: Mod of the Year
This is one of the most monumental mods for Half Life 2 and its community.

The sheer quality and consistency of the mod makes it an unofficial EP 3 in my book.

The way it fits into HL 2 and its episodes timeline, but also other surprises that I won't spoil makes it a must play for all Half Life fans.
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